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    Proper grammar is essential because it adds to the fidelity of Grammarly for Mac mail a statement. It can make the listeners or the readers think logically and precisely. It’s a way to show respect for the person who is speaking as well as listening. Good Grammar is necessary for the correct formation of words, structure in a sentence which can add to its meaning.


    A Brief Introduction


    Grammarly is the most reliable online Grammar detector, which can be downloaded for free (with limited features), you can also go for the premium version with additional benefits. The premium version is totally worth paying, the annual plan which costs$139.95 will cost $11.66/ month. It has been the ideal solution for a proofreading job. If you are working as a professor, purchasing Grammarly premium can be a better option. With this app, you will be able to check the grammar instantly, know where punctuation is needed, check errors in spelling, etc. Using this app will boost your confidence level and improve your writing skills. This is said to be the most trusted writing App to make your records, paper, correspondence, letters, reports effective and accurate. This app was introduced in 2009, ever since there are over 6.9 million daily activities users for this app. This tool helps you to publish or write articles, blogs without any error.


    Grammarly for Mac users


    To get Grammarly for Mac mail, you could use the browser extension. You can even utilize the Grammarly editor so that you can write emails without any mistake. The Grammarly offers various tools which support Mac users via cloud-based app and browser extension to write anywhere on the web and also on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As you sign in to your Grammarly account, it will synchronize with your other information thereby supporting other extensions. It supports even Mac outlook and also Mac Mail. By using Grammarly editor you will be able to write emails without any error. If you are using the browser extension, it will spontaneously discover the error in writing and gives you suggestions to correct the wrong. It is not complicated to use this tool, at the same time it is very beneficial when writing emails and anywhere on the web.


    Know the Pros and Cons of Grammarly for Mac


     It can easily check and correct the Grammar and spelling mistakes in writing

     Work-friendly with most of the websites

     The plagiarism feature is very helpful

     Many of the key features are accessible for free


     The premium version is slightly on the costlier side

     It does not support Google docs, Apple mail

     Mac users are not able to use it along with MS Office

     Inapplicable suggestions keep appearing even after the page has been refreshed


    This app is used widely by people who are native English speakers, professionals as well as those who are not well versed in the English language. Grammarly has been a great help to Bloggers, copywriters, authors, business professionals, and even students. The Plus Grammarly supports Canadian English, American English, Australian English, British English, and others. You can even set certain writing goals like the audience, style, emotions, domain, etc. This is a user-friendly tool, it takes only a few minutes to install it in your device, but the benefits are immense.

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    User Experience Research

    Social Psychology

    Personality Psychology

    Cognitive Psychology



    User interviews
    Randomized/controlled research

    Perception-based research methods

    Focus groups

    Eye tracking usability studies


    Facebook Insights

    Google Analytics


    Adobe Photoshop

    Automata Theory

    Computer Graphics


    Multivariate Analysis 



    Hierarchical Linear Modeling

    Structural Equation Modeling

    Cluster Analysis

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    UX Researcher

    June 2015 - Current

    Full time


    Usability Specialist

    March - June 2015




    Aug 2012 - March 2015

    Full time

    Smart Design

    Research Associate

    Aug 2010- Aug 2012

    Full time  

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    Lewis Moore

    Interaction Designer at Google

    Lindy's passion for design is infectious, and she's a loyal user advocate, an amazing researcher and a fun person to work with. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!

    Samantha Wang

    Product Manager at Google

    Lindy had an immediate and continuous impact on the product team's output at Redux. Her ability to focus on the team resulted in contributions that had a step-function impact in our performance as a team, and I believe she would have the same impact on any team that has the pleasure of working with her.

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